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If you have not attended one of our unique events, you are missing out! 

Join us for a fun evening of delicious food, great company, and an entertaining story. Best part is, you can be in on it! Who knows, you might even be the murderer!

Call (903) 531-1286 or email:

November 17, 2018

Tickets are $30.00 per person and are purchased in advanced.

(credit, debit, money order, check, and cash accepted)

Meal is catered by: Leo's Bistro of Lindale,  Texas

Event is from 6-8:30 p.m.


Betrayal at the Autumn Moon Festival

The year is 1907 and China is moving through the “golden era” following the recovery after the Boxer rebellion. The ancient families have agreed to meet in celebration of the agreement reached between the rival leaders from over a century ago. Not everyone is satisfied with this agreement and seeks to foil this evening's joyous occasion.

You are either an honored guest, part of the rivaling families, or diplomats from around the world.

While enjoying the festivities, a messenger approaches with grave news. The current ruler of the Winged Snake Family has been assassinated! You must discover the murderer before word gets out, to prevent an international catastrophe!               


The Azure Dragon Ruler                    

The Vermillion Bird Ruler                            

The White Tiger Ruler                 

The Black Tortoise Ruler                  

The United States Diplomat

The Japanese Diplomat                                   

The British Diplomat                                      

The French Diplomat                                             

The Russian Diplomat                                     

The Artist                                                        

The Scholar                                                     

The Globetrotter                                             

The Reporter                                                   

The Messenger  

The Musician                                              

Honored Guests (15) 2 Sold