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Rose Hill Mausoleum Rose Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Oakwood and Westview Cemeteries, are owned and maintained by the City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department. For more information, contact (903) 531-1207.

Rose Hill Mausoleum 2400 S. Donnybrook
The Rose Hill Mausoleum is constructed of Italian granite, and sits atop a gentle rolling hill that complements and blends with the overall design. Located adjacent to South Broadway Avenue, the Rose Hill Mausoleum stands as an architectural masterpiece. When entering Rose Hill Mausoleum, one experiences a calm sense of beauty and serenity. The main entrance opens to an air-conditioned Chapel with granite faced crypts on both sides. When passing through the glass doors on the rear wall, one is led to the Atrium Court. In the Court, a large skylight illuminates four benches surrounding the Tree of Life. This area offers a quiet place to meditate and reflect. The transparent ceiling of the Atrium Court adds to the calm serenity of the Rose Hill Mausoleum. The west wall of the Atrium Court features a computerized directory which allows visitors to locate the burial place of any individual in Rose Hill Cemetery or Mausoleum. Located within this structure, there are 460 crypt spaces and 144 niches, for those whom have chosen cremation. The beauty of the structure and cemetery is maintained daily by the staff at Rose Hill. They help preserve the comforting and inspiring setting for family and friends to visit year after year. Honor the memories of those who have left this world with a final resting place at Rose Hill Mausoleum.

The proceeds from the sale of Rose Hill Mausoleum spaces are being used to create a perpetual care trust fund which provides for the continuing maintenance of the Rose Hill Cemetery, as well as Oakwood and Westview Cemeteries. The prices for Rose Hill Mausoleum spaces include the opening and closing procedure as well as a bronze plaque which has the name of the deceased, their birth year and death year. The prices of the spaces vary according to location and level. Listed below is the cost of entombment available:

Cremain Niche $2,000 per single niche in columrbaria adjacent to mausoleum. 
Single Crypt $5,000 - $7,000
Double Crypt $9,500 - $13,500
Quadruple Crypt $18,500 - $21,500

A 5 1/2 fluted bud vase may be purchased and mounted to the front of the crypts for a nominal fee. Only artificial flowers are permitted to be placed in the bud vase.

The Rose Chapel may be rented for memorial services at a fee of $25 per hour (two-hour minimum).

Westview Cemetery, 3200 W. Erwin St.
Westview Cemetery consists of five acres. The City of Tyler must be contacted prior to all burials. Burials are allowed only in those situations where the person provides valid proof of ownership.


Oakwood Cemetery, North Palace at Oakwood Street
Oakwood Cemetery consists of 20 acres and has more than 2,000 inscribed tombstones. There are 231 graves of the unknown confederate soldiers, plus 70 marked Confederate graves, as well as one Union soldier's grave. This cemetery was originally known as Lollar's Cemetery and City Cemetery. Several years ago a fire destroyed all of the burial records as well as the ownership documents.

Save the Date: Spirits of Oakwood Historic Walking Tour - Saturday, March 23, 2019.


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